Maharishi Liberty Dragon Organic T-Shirt

Maharishi Liberty Dragon Organic T-Shirt

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Dio Serpente Embroidery
  • Hand-machined chest embroidery
  • Regular fit
  • maharishi camo / reflective side seam label

Inspired by Naval Liberty cuffs from WWII, the Liberty Dragon once used to secretly decorate Naval uniforms, where customisation & embellishment was banned, is now a stand-out central embroidery artwork.

maharishi interprets the dragon as representing man’s spiritual quest for wisdom. A mythological creature, the dragon takes the form of a snake or serpent with wings. The snake, with its entire body bound to the Earth, is most symbolic of man on Earth. Once that serpent is given wings, it comes to represent man in flight on his spiritual quest.

Organic cotton is a maharishi staple. Essential to every season, the fabric is FairTrade, environmentally friendly, regenerative and has a lighter carbon footprint than non-organic cotton.